I saw one your illustrations on Facebook or Instagram, but it's not in the store?

Unfortunately, I'm really busy with my day job so my site doesn't get the love it deserves. If you see a piece that's not in the store but you would like to purchase, please contact me!

Do you ship internationally or to Canada?⁣⁣

Unfortunately for my friends up north or overseas, I have not been able to find an affordable solution yet for shipping.

Who prints your art?⁣

I use a print shop to drop-ship my prints. They do a fantastic job with printing. Colors are bright and vivid. Artwork is printed on a heavy-weight stock with a matte finish.⁣

I also have a Canon Pixma Pro-100 and can print achival quality giclee prints hand signed and numbered. These will be offered in limited quantities and at a higher price point.


How do I pay for my shop purchase?⁣

I currently only accept payments via PayPal  or Venmo at this time.⁣⁣


Do you personally sign your prints?⁣

To keep  prices low, I do not personally hand-sign prints which come direct from my drop-shipper. Each print will have my signature digitally printed on it.

If you would like a hand-written signature/ numbered print, please contact me before you order and we can discuss!


How can I contact you?⁣⁣

Please complete the form on the 'contact' page in the shop, or you can message me directly through Instagram or Facebook.⁣ Feel free to reach out with any questions about payment, my process and technique, commission ideas, etc.⁣⁣


⁣When can I expect my purchase to arrive⁣⁣?

Print orders are placed the same day they are purchased. Your prints should arrive within 7-12 days, depending on your location. A tracking number will be emailed when it's available so you can track your print(s). Please reach out via the contact form if you have any questions or concerns about your order or shipment.⁣